Look what happened in time for Christmas:

So, our bougainvillea has turned out to be an amazing tropical variety! We must have a lovely little warm microclimate going here, what with the avocado tree happily fruiting behind the laundry, and now this… even though we live in the hills that are usually between 2-4 degrees colder than the city only an hour away.

The bougainvillea flowered in this vibrant crimson hue from about 2 weeks before Christmas, all the way through the holiday season, and is still going now… But is looking slightly worn and worse-for wear at present. (3 days of rain and the unseasonable cold snap we’re having can’t be helping matters!)

It is especially beautiful at night, because it sits just under one of our outdoor spotlights, and when lit up it glows in the darkness, and just looking at it makes us happy. Every time we see it we feel truly blessed. Here, have another look: