Now what?

As you can see, we’ve brought the pumpkins in from the cold, and are keeping them cosy by the fire. We don’t want a re-run of last year’s Pumpkin Slowly Rotting From The Inside (what’s that funny smell near the piano) Disaster, so we have our work cut out for us.

We tried to ‘cure’ them outside as recommended by Jackie French, but the method requires several sunny days… and all we had once we got them off the vine was RAIN! Here they are in various states of ‘trying to be cured’ for storage:

So far, the good things have been: pumpkin roasted with whole garlic cloves, pumpkin soup with African spice swirl, pumpkin… um yes, I believe that’s it. I’m thinking of just roasting a whole heap, mashing it and freezing it for adding to soup/stew as a thickener of sorts, but apart from that I’m out of ideas. The great Stephanie Alexander in The Cook’s Companion is not particularly forthcoming either, with only 3 pages devoted to the large yellow things, but some good ones to try, perhaps: Pumpkin and Amaretto Tart (savoury!), Pumpkin pie, and pumpkin and ricotta filling for ravioli.

Wish us luck: we have 2 children who don’t like pumpkin.

2 thoughts on “Now what?

  1. They look so gorgeous by the fireplace. Fingers crossed for sneaking pumpkin into meals. Pumpkin pie? Pumpkin scones? Roasted pumpkin and goats fetta on pasta? I’ll cook a yummy roast for you if you supply the pumpkin? I’ll go away now. Jacinta x

    • *Giggle!*
      Hells yes, if you do the roast, I’ll do the pumpkin!! Actually, why don’t we combine our families sometime soon and do a dinner? Pumpkin shall feature…heavily…

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