The sound of silence

Well! That was a long time, wasn’t it?

I just stepped out to check something, and look what happened.

Needless to say, lots to report, but the salient point is this: we are in he midst of choosing a builder to extend the tiny cottage and take it from just under 10 squares to just over 18. We won’t know ourselves!

So we are guilty of extreme neglect in all sorts of areas of our lives, namely the garden.

It all looks pretty much the same around here, but shaggier and more unkempt, because drawing up plans, talking to builders and submitting to council are all massive time-sucks that we’ve been valiantly battling for over a year.

In other news, which comes with a cute photo, we finally felt ready for another cat. Meet Clawde, age 1yr, who is requisitely fluffy, though slightly more aloof than we like in a cat. She is I-man’s cat. The look she gives me when getting a pat from him is priceless.